Will Dunne is available on an appointment basis to provide individual guidance for your writing activities and script evaluations of your plays or screenplays. Consultations can be geared to any level of experience – from beginning to professional – and can accommodate writers anywhere worldwide through Internet, phone, or – if you are in San Francisco or Chicago – in-person meetings. Fees can be tailored to your needs. And it’s easy to obtain a consultation.

Will Dunne Private Consultation


If you have a play or screenplay that you want to develop further, Will Dunne can help you evaluate your work so far, pinpoint dramaturgical issues to consider, and find practical solutions to help you write the story that you want to write.

The focus of the critique is a detailed discussion of the script with you either in person or by phone. This discussion typically runs about an hour and a half, and is reinforced by written summary comments and page-by-page comments on the script itself. You also have the option to request formal written comments about the script in addition to, or instead of, the one-on-one discussion of it with Will.


Just starting your script or need help along the way? Schedule a private consultation to help you evaluate your story ideas, outline, treatment, sample pages, or problem scene. Depending on your needs, you can request such consultations on a one-time or periodic basis, or set up regularly recurring sessions, such as weekly or monthly.


Fees for private consultations are based on a rate of US$90 per hour and cover all preparation and meeting time devoted exclusively to your project. Minimum billing is one hour. Additional time per consultation is billed in pro-rated half hour increments.

The total fee for a script evaluation depends on the length, format, and density of your script and as well as your individual needs and budget. On average, it takes about 4.0 Hours to read, analyze, and annotate a full-length play or screenplay, and about 1.50 Hours to discuss it, for an average script critique fee of $495 (5.50 Hours x US$90).


  • Email us or call (415)-609-8670 to request a planning session or script evaluation.
  • If consultation times are available, you will be asked to email your script to Will in Word or PDF format so that he can give it a quick look and confirm the fee based on script length and text density. A meeting will be scheduled and payment requested at that time.
  • Meet with Will Dunne in person or by telephone to discuss your planning issues or your script evaluation.