About Consultations

  • May I receive a private consultation if I don’t live in or near your San Francisco office?
  • Yes. Will Dunne can conduct private consultations with writers anywhere in world via Internet, telephone, fax, or mail. Writers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Chicago area also have the option to meet with Will in person to discuss their work.
  • What do I need to have ready for a private consultation?
  • That depends on your goal. You may want to focus only on a story idea, outline, treatment, or problem scene with one-on-one support from Will Dunne. Or you may wish to receive a script evaluation of a completed play or screenplay draft that you want to develop further.
  • What form does the feedback take?
  • Consultations can be customized to your individual needs and budget. Typically, the main feedback on the script is the one-one-one discussion of it with Will. This is reinforced by general summary comments and specific page-by-page comments written on the script itself. You also have the option to request a set of formal written comments instead of, or in addition to, the discussion of the script with Will.
  • How much does a private consultation cost?
  • Consultation fees are billed at a rate of US$90 per hour. The total fee for a service depends on how many hours are required to perform it. Consultations may range from one hour to several, depending on your needs and budget, and can be scheduled individually or on a regularly recurring basis.
  • What is the average cost for a critique of a full-length play or screenplay?
  • The time it takes to critique a script depends on the subject matter, text density, page count, and writing professionalism. On average, it takes about 4.0 Hours to read, analyze, and annotate a full-length script, and about 1.50 Hours to discuss it with the writer, for an average critique time of 5.50 Hours and an average fee of US$495 (5.50 Hours X $90).
  • How do I obtain a private consultation?