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Full Length Works

  • The Roper. Drama. Chicago. 1876. A petty criminal is hired by the Secret Service to infiltrate a gang of Irish counterfeiters and uncovers more than he bargained for: a plot to commit one of the strangest and most notorious crimes of the nineteenth century. Based on a true story. (6M. Two sets. 120 minutes.)
  • The Ascension of Carlotta. Comedy. A quirky young woman finds herself in love with an attractive stranger who has come to her small town with a big dream: to rob the convenience store where she works. (2M, 2F, 20s. One set representing multiple locations. 105 minutes.)
  • How I Became an Interesting Person. Comedy. An odd, boring man moves into a boarding house in search of a new life and finds more than he bargained for when his eccentric landlady begins to find him interesting. (3M, 3F. One set representing multiple locations. 100 minutes.)
  • Love and Drowning. Drama. A woman is resuscitated from clinical death after drowning and must untangle the mysteries of her near death experience as she straddles the gap between love in this life and peace in the next. (3M, 2F. One set representing multiple locations. 105 minutes.)
  • Hotel Desperado. Drama. A drifter finds himself trapped in a very strange and seedy hotel which begins changing into a remote dunes house from far away and long ago as the ghosts of a violent past return to haunt him. (3M, 2F. One flexible set. 115 minutes.)
  • Rag Doll in a Mad Dog’s Mouth. Drama. The matriarch of a family of unsuccessful men must confront her worst fear when a mysterious woman arrives unexpectedly for the last Christmas of the Twentieth Century and miracle is in the air. ( 2F, 5M. One set. 110 minutes.)
  • Hustle. Thriller. An elaborate con game begins when a street hustler brings a john back to his room where everything is for sale if the buyer is willing to pay the hidden costs. (4M, 1F. One set. 85 minutes.)
  • The Death and Life of John Smith. Comedy. A middle-aged man who has lived a life of virtue and self-sacrifice wakes up in Hades with a wild young woman who claims to have died with him during a night of debauchery which he can’t remember. (3M, 2F playing multiple roles. One set. 115 minutes.)
  • I Married a Werewolf. Bedroom farce. A chain of secrets is unleashed when the full moon rises on the honeymoon suite of a Niagara Falls motel where neither the bride nor groom nor their lecherous hosts are quite whom they seemed to be. (2M, 2F. One set. 80 minutes.)
  • Eleventh Hour. Multi-media solo performance. A man who has decided to shoot himself sees his life rushing by in bits and pieces as the clock ticks away his final hour. (1M. One set. 60 minutes.)
  • Three Blind Mice. Drama. Two small-time crooks who have kidnapped a wealthy young woman must figure out what to do when her family refuses to pay the ransom. (2F, 1M. One set. 80 minutes.)
  • The Silent Pharaoh. Weird romance (screenplay). A quirky temp secretary learns that her boss has stolen the ancient mummy of a famous Egyptian ruler and is planning to restore it to life on national television. (Multiple roles and locations)
Plays by Will Dunne

Short Works

Will Dunne short plays are available in three collections or individually.
  • Rise. Six serio-comic works about isolation and those who must rise to occasions they didn’t expect. Plays: Moonrise, Portrait of Madame de Bouvier, The Interpreter, Deep Gardens, The Princess and the Pirate, and Sunrise. (2F, 3M playing multiple roles. Six simple settings. 75 minutes.)
  • Odd Jobs. Six dark comedies about people with unusual occupations and dilemmas. Plays: Tea Time, Art of Ventriloquism, Back to Front, Hollywood Massage, Psychic Reading $10, and The Bridge. (3M, 2F playing multiple roles. Six simple settings. 100 minutes.)
  • Between Quakes. Three dark comedies about people whose lives have been jolted out of control. Plays: Back to Front, The Bridge, and Krapp’s Latest, But Not Last, Tape. (3M, 1F playing multiple roles. Three simple settings. 65 minutes.)